Corporations & Companies
Corporations and companies can utilize Dr Will's combined police and military experience to provide "Workplace Violence Prevention Training." for your employees and/or leaders.
As the level of violence increases in society we are seeing a corresponding rise in shootings and other violence in the workplace. As an ASTD Master Trainer who has received training in this area from multiple law enforcement agencies, Dr Will can train your personnel to work as a team to prevent workplace violence, reduce your liabilities, and help prevent fatalities from occurring in your facilities.

Radio & TV Producers

Dr William Small holds a PhD in Religious Studies and has over 30 years experience providing training and counseling designed to help people improve their personal and professional relationships.

He says: ďI believe that there is no reason why we canít make bad relationships good and good relationships great! The only thing holding us back is knowledge on how to do it."

Dr Will has authored many books on relationships including: Strengthening the Family, Relationships 911, How to Avoid Bad Relationships, Healing the Wounded Woman, Money DOES Grow on Trees, and Secrets of the Fortune 500. 

His highly knowledgeable, quick witted and comedic style makes his radio and TV interviews informative as well as entertaining.

Dr Will is also an award winning advocate for victims of domestic violence teaching seminars promoting the prevention and awareness of domestic violence in the workplace.

Let Dr Willís 30 plus years of excellence in relationship building work for you! 

Churches & Ministries
Churches can invite Dr Will to serve as a guest minister in their primary weekly services or Bible Study meetings to deliver ministry transforming messages such as The Order of GOD for the Family or The Power of Family to Produce Wealth or Mind Your Business.

Dr Will offers Bible based Leadership Training for church leadership and staff; a "Business: The Art of War" seminar for business leaders which shares dynamic growth strategies that work for any business; and a "Maximizing Fatherhood" seminar for men that teaches them everything they need to know about how to live their lives, love their wives, and raise their children. He has a version of this seminar for teen aged boys to provide the knowledge they need to make the transition into manhood.

Dr Will's Keynotes: 

Dr Will's keynotes focus on sharing with audiences the surprising secrets that Fortune 500 Corporations use to build and maintain their fortunes and how they can utilize the same processes to create wealth for themselves and their families. The titles below are designed to disguise the keynote content due to a history of unauthorized "borrowing". You can use the contact form to obtain a synopsis if interested in adding a high value awe inspiring keynote to your event. Serious inquiries only please.
  • Indispensability: The Key to Financial Security
  • Success vs. Excellence
  • You Incorporated
  • Unleashing Creativity for Maximum Productivity
  • Mining, Marketing, Managing Your Assets
  • The Power & Profit in a Partner Spouse
  • Building A Talented Team
Custom Presentations
In accordance with the needs of the organization, Dr Will can tailor existing or create new presentations on a range of topics to help you achieve your goals.

New Products

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